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Network Telecom Information Limited is established in 1999, and owns Hong Kong Professional Education Press, Medical Information Limited (publishing medical magazines, websites, wechat and e-newspapers in the field of anesthesia, diagnostic imaging and laboratory diagnosis) and Network Telecom Information Limited (publishing Network Telecom magazine, websites, wechat, e-newspapers and the most powerful evaluation activity in the industry——Top 10 competitiveness enterprises in the field of optical communications). It is a company specializing in professional technology media and covering multiple professional areas mainly in telecom, education, and medicine. The company has published series of magazines including Forum of Anesthesia and Monitoring, Diagnostic Imaging and Interventional Therapy, Clinical Laboratory Diagnosis and Automation, Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Diseases, Gastroenterology and Hepatology; and other correlative e-newspapers and independent professional websites. It also publishes series of ranking guide books about the education competitiveness secondary schools, primary schools and kindergartens in Hong Kong and establishes the largest online bookstore selling Chinese and English books in Hong Kong. Except for media construction, the company also endeavors to construction of the whole website planning, exhibition service, public relations and the targeted market investigations.


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Network Telecom

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